Nominate a Recipient

We are honored that you have thought of Malas for Tatas to support your loved one during this time. To nominate your loved one for consideration of sponsorship, please complete the form below.

Nominations are currently open!
*NOTICE: The current nomination period for our next recipient has been extended until July 31st 2019!

Nomination process:
When nominations are open, a public announcement will be made via Newsletter and Social Media.
All nominations will be collected during the "Open nomination period" of 30 days. Once a new recipient is chosen, they and all other nominees will be notified by email. If you have any further questions, please contact us at

Open Nomination periods are as follows:

December 1st – December 30th, for the first recipient of the year.
Recipient will be announced January 7th.

June 1st – June 30th, for the second recipient of the year.
Recipient will be announced July 7th.

Nomination Form

Don't skip the details, we want to hear their story. After you have completed the form, submit your nomination by clicking the submit button. At this time, we are a Colorado based non-profit and serving the Denver Metro Community only. We support two recipients a year.

First and Last Name, Phone, Email Address, and relationship to the nominee, please.
Name of Nominee *
Name of Nominee
Phone of Nominiee *
Phone of Nominiee
(If you're not sure, please just provide what you know.)
Who are they? About them: their family, friends, etc. Family: Single, Married, Divorced, Parent? If a Parent, how many children and what are their ages? Occupation: Hours of work per week: Day or night shift? Would they use alternative therapy to help them with the side effects of cancer treatment? If so, what do you think they are interested in using? Do they currently use alternative or complementary health measures? If so, what types? Are they aware that you are nominating them?