Tammy P. LMT- Wellness Coach

Tammy P, Wellness Coaching, Malas for Tatas

Tammy P. and I met in the massage therapy world practicing at Total Body Wellness. She immediately made a positive impact on our community. Not only was her bodywork remarkable, but she offered another layer of self-care for our clientele that I admired very much wellness coaching.

Tammy's journey to wellness was very personal. While in massage school, she experienced a car accident that not only lead her down the path of therapeutic massage but demanded that she make more significant changes in order to heal. She decided to explore nutrition and made great strides in healing her own body.

It was with that dedication to wellness that she became clear on how she could best serve her community. She underwent nutrition training and now offers wellness coaching to all for improved living. Wellness coaching with Tammy starts with an in-depth conversation, taking a look at your routines and choices, and offering alternatives that are practical and attainable. Then, once you become comfortable with the small changes, you can ramp it up. It's all up to you how much you want to change, and when you are ready for more.

One aspect of her coaching that I love is her food prep course. Tammy has some serious skills in the food prep department. She can teach you cool things like how to make tinctures at home to help you boost your immune system, or she can keep it straight forward and teach you how to meal prep to make cooking at home a cinch.

What I find really refreshing is her style of communication. Tammy is fun, she has great energy, while at the same time she will hold you accountable and be direct if you're you're getting off course from your goals. She is an excellent example in that she makes good choices for herself, most of the time. She isn't perfect, so she doesn't expect perfection from her clients. She is gentle and kind with herself when she goes astray and gives herself some leeway for fun in life. She does the same for her clients. To me, it shows that she is balanced and human, which is what I like in a coach. I think we could all use a little Tammy on our shoulder guiding us toward better choices and giving us a little nudge back on track when we've become a bit too friendly with the dessert menu


We are honored to have Tammy’s support as one of our Preferred Providers for Malas for Tatas. Please enjoy the video below featuring Shannon and Tammy.

Tammy Pietrasiewicz-Comprehensive Wellness Coach Denver, Co. www.tammyplmt.com