Malas for Tatas Recipient guidelines

  • Recipients must be living in the Denver Metro Area.

  • Each recipient is entitled to 6 months of fund raising.

  • The amount donated depends on how much we raise over that 6-month period or $2000, whichever is met first.

  • MFT will agree to hosting 1 fund raising events over the 6-month period.

  • The recipient agrees to spread the word of their cause,

  • The recipient agrees to invite people in their circle to attend any related events that are associated to their cause,

  • The recipient agrees to host 1 fund-raising event or have a relative host an event in their name during that 6 month period.

  • The recipient has an interest in using alternative therapies such as massage, acupuncture, nutrition, energy work, or any other therapeutic needs (not covered by traditional health insurance) to maintain/achieve wellness/self-care during the breast cancer treatment process.

  • The recipient also agrees to use MFT preferred providers unless they already have care in place, and to provide a testimonial.