How to use your Mala

Preparation: Sit in a quiet place, inside or outside doesn’t matter. Settle in and think of an intention. Really feel that intention in your heart and in every cell of your being. Hold the mala in your hand. Breathe in, feel the texture of your beads. Breathe out feel the temperature of the stone. Let the stone resonate with your being. With your intention clear in your mind/body, begin to repeat your intention, mantra, prayer with each bead.

To begin: Take the mala into your hand, starting with the bead directly next to the guru bead. Hold the first bead between your thumb (pulling finger) and middle finger (steadying finger). Either in your mind or out loud, say your intention, mantra, or prayer. Use your thumb to pull the next bead toward you, repeat your mantra for each bead, focusing deeply, until you come around to the end at your guru bead. If you were able to make it all the way around to the guru bead without giving up, congratulations! You completed 108 beads. If not, keep trying! It’s a practice. You eventually increase your time, letting the thoughts drift away. Try this two times a day for 20 minutes.

Why 108 beads? 108 has long been a sacred number in Hinduism and yoga, known as a number of great joy.  You will see the number 9 repeated in a mala (9 X 12=108), representing the 9 planets (when Pluto was considered a planet). The number 9 holds significance in numerology, often a symbol of wisdom and initiation. Most malas whether, traditional full sized, child’s size or a bracelet, are made in increments of 9.

Malas for Tatas signature guru bead: The guru bead on a mala signifies the sun (around which the other 108 beads turn like planets around the sun). On each of our malas, you will find a speckled white bead. This bead is a Lotus seed. We chose to include this bead based on its known symbolic meanings. The lotus can only grow out of mud, mucky, dark water. Out of the dark, challenging experiences, often grow the most beautiful things. We are transformed, during these hard, life changing times, emerging enlightened, symbolic of the lotus flower.

Why Semi precious stone?

Stones, like all objects carry a level of frequency, vibration, or energy. They can be symbolic. Many choose their stone based on its metaphysical description but some base their decision on esthetic. If you eventually want to choose based on your personal Vedic astrology, Contact Sarita at Tibetan Imports. She will do a reading for you and help choose a mala specific to your needs.

Also, trust your inner wisdom, it knows what you need. Your choice is always right.

Why colored string and tassel?

Along with the colored gemstones comes the colored tassel. Colors are often associated with balancing the chakras (energy points in the body). Wearing the associated color is meant to bring balance to the chakra.

Meaning behind each colored stone and tassel


Associated with the root or 1st chakra, good health, vitality, feeling safe, ability to relax, prosperity, livelihood.


Associates with the sacral or 2nd chakra, graceful movement, emotional intelligence, pleasure, self nurturing, adaptation, healthy boundaries.


Associated with the solar plexus or 3rd chakra, good self-esteem, balanced ego, confidence, appropriate self-discipline, able to meet challenges


Associated with the heart or 4th chakra, loving, compassionate, self-love, peaceful, good immune system


Associated with the throat or 5th chakra, good listener, resonant voice, clear communication, creativity


Associates with the third eye or 6th chakra, intuition, good perception, imagination, memory, dream recall, good visualization


Associated with the crown or 7th chakra, thoughtfulness, awareness, wisdom and mastery, broad understanding

How to use your Malas for Tatas prayer Mala
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