Hi there, friends.

My name is Denise Faddis, and I’m the Creative Director for Malas for Tatas. It has been an honor to work with my closest friends these past six months on building our brand design, logo, website, and marketing collateral for Malas for Tatas.

We have had such a journey together exploring all the elements we thought were essential to include in this website so you, our community, would understand about our cause. It was also vital to us that you felt included – we wanted to welcome you to join us in our evolution personally.

I’m so proud of all that my friends have built over the last year and continue to be inspired by the support we have seen from loving and generous humans like you.

It’s our goal to provide further information on holistic health and blog posts rooted in love, self-care, and community.

Stay tuned for more posts from me and our incredible team – Shannon, Erin, Stacy, Vanessa, and special guests!



Denise Faddis