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Making Malas with your Littles

My connection with gemstones came to me around the age of 12. I would collect stones that spoke to me while on Colorado hikes with my family. I stopped at every rock shop I found and searched through the inventory to find that special stone. I would look up the energetic properties in my books to find the meaning of my new treasure. I carried stones in my pockets in high school to help with mental clarity or protection. I would put my stones outside under the full moon rays for cleansing and recharging before returning my favorites to my pocket for safekeeping. (How to cleanse your crystals with the full moon)

Making malas has reunited me with my younger self. I love to search out the gemstone beads and create malas that aid in healing, protection, and self-love. A few of the malas that I’ve had the opportunity to make have gone to some amazing women who were drawn to the necklaces. When they discover the energetic properties that the specific mala brings, we are always surprised to learn that it is exactly what this person needs in their life. It is an amazing feeling to share this connection with others while raising money to support women in need. The love poured into each, and every handmade mala not only helps the individual receiving it but also supports our current recipient of Malas For Tatas. So much love form start to finish fills me up with gratitude.

My four-year-old daughter loves to help me create malas, and I love sharing my knowledge with her and seeing her light up. At a beading brunch, we sat down and created a mala that we named the mama mala. We take turns wearing it and have fun sharing it.

With love,

Interested in learning more about our Malas made for children or how you and your child can create a mala together? Reach out!

How to use your Prayer Mala

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