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Making your own Prayer Mala

Nothing can stop me from making a beautiful mala. I often keep a mala kit on hand so that when the moment strikes, I can reach deep in my bag, pull out my beading kit and create. Seriously, I could be anywhere; camping, on a road trip, visiting with friends on the back porch, or a summer concert, I am always ready to put the good vibes into a beautiful piece for a future donation.

This summer has been full of adventures, and our malas have been my trusted companion along the way. In Moab, after a day of off-roading adventure, I sat fireside with friends, tying knots while soaking in the scenery of deep red/orange table mesas. We imagined what it would be like living in the Moab of the past, rich in Native American history, a gorgeous carnelian and lapis lazuli mala came to life in the desert that night.

Road trips are one of my favorite ways to spend some time with my family and friends. This summer took us to Omaha to celebrate Independence Day with close friends. Naturally, my mala kit came on the road with our caravan. We listened to mixtapes, laughed, and caught up on some long-overdue conversation all while tying knots. A stunning rose quartz, sandalwood, and howlite mala for the best friend of our last recipient, Anne, resulted. Each knot I hand tied was filled with love and ease as we rolled through the fields of Nebraska toward our destination.

I have enjoyed late summer nights on our back porch catching up during visits from family, laughing, connecting, filling each other with strength and hope as we navigate life’s mysteries. All the while creating, knotting in the soft light of a backyard bonfire with a good glass of wine. Many special malas resulted from these nights, all infused with healing, togetherness, and family strength in each knot.

I will always love nights on the grassy hills of Denver, tying knots with friends while listening to the funky fresh rhymes of Lyrics Borne. Booties shaking, hands in the air, Kids running the hills. These malas are filled with fun, playfulness and freedom, all the great feelings of a fun Summer night.

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What fascinates me most is how a moment can be enhanced by adding a creative element rather than taken away. Having a mala kit on hand brings people together. It draws people in. People come with questions about the stones and “how do you tie those knots?”. It has allowed us to spread the word of our cause, make new friends, and build our community.

Having the opportunity to use my hands has always been sacred to me. As a massage therapist and Pilates instructor, my career has always included the use of my hands. As it turns out when I am away from the studio, I still crave the movement and creative ability of my hands, so I take it with me on the road, and it has brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined.

What you’ll need in your mala kit:

·         108+ beads

·         15 feet of nylon string (size #2)

·         1 Wire needle-to feed the beads on the string

·         1 guru bead

·         1 Tassle



Making Malas, Malas for Tatas, Colorado Non-Profit
Making Malas, Malas for Tatas, Colorado Non-Profit
Making Malas, Malas for Tatas, Colorado Non-Profit
Making Malas, Malas for Tatas, Colorado Non-Profit