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Meet our latest Preferred Provider, Rayann Gordon
Rayanna Gordon, Malas for Tatas Preferred Provider

Meet Rayann! One of our newest preferred providers for Malas for Tatas. Rayann and I met years ago when were both instructors at Pilates Aligned. At the time, she successfully managed a Pilates studio in Canada in addition to her work locally. Eventually, she decided to scale back and close down her Pilates studio aborad so she could focus on her practice in Denver. That decision helped make time for her passion for Flamenco dancing and honing her meditation practice.

I have always admired Rayann's dedication to her meditation practice. She took it seriously, making time for at-home retreats that required her to dedicate several hours a day to her practice and schedule her clients around that. She made meditation a priority in her life, and it showed in her calm demeanor and presence with her clients. 

Ultimately, I think it was her dedication to her meditation practice that gave her clarity on what path to take next in her life. She eventually decided to stop teaching Pilates and pursue her passion for meditation and intuitive guidance, resulting in her new venture.

Rayann is currently based out of Victoria, BC but can offer her services to anyone through video conferencing.
She is a gift and has a lot to offer in the way of intuitive guidance and building an active meditation practice.
Learn more about Rayann’s offerings on her website.

We are honored to have her as one of Malas for Tatas Preferred Providers.