Tiffany Kassab, Life Coach

Tiffany Kassab, Life Coach, Malas for Tatas

Tiffany Kassab and I met at a wellness retreat in Taos, NM in 2018. She was a presenter there, offering short, daily workshops focused on connecting the group. It was during these workshops that I witnessed Tiffany holding the kind of space for us that allowed for vulnerability and also a lot of fun. I appreciated that she was able to provide that in a group setting and became convinced that her one on one sessions must be awesome too.

Some of her exercises were creative based, clipping away at magazines, creating the vision of our future best life. Others were more intellectual and emotional as we questioned what excuses were blocking us from reaching our most authentic self. She offered us each a journal to document our experiences during the retreat and encouraged us to write everyday.

As the week progressed we got to know Tiffany even more. She was brave and shared with us about her childhood battle with leukemia. She was stronger than i could have imagined, enduring two and a half years of chemotherapy. She is a warrior, who through it all, came out thriving on the other side. She still faces challenges like the rest of us and utilizes the tools she has learned to apply them to her own life and I think that is powerful and authentic.

I believe that with her experience, she will have the ability to truly understand where our recipients are coming from. I am confident that with her guidance you will be able to lead with your heart and bravely live your most authentic life. I am honored that she has offered to be one of our preferred providers.


Denise Faddis