Preferred Provider Megan Connor, Reiki Therapy

Preferred Provider Megan Connor, Reiki Therapy, Malas for Tatas

I met Megan when she arrived at a Malas for Tata's Beading Brunch, ready to volunteer. As a yoga instructor and Reiki therapist, Megan has several years of experience making malas, and she was prepared to put her skills to use. We were very appreciative of her beautiful creations.

In getting to know her, I felt that she would be an excellent fit for Malas for Tata's recipients. Her energy is warm and inviting, and she's very knowledgeable. She is a Reiki Master with seven years of experience and now certifies future Reiki practitioners through her business, Happy Healing, in Denver.

We talked over coffee one day about the benefits of Reiki therapy and how this gentle, energy work is perfect for patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She explained to me that our bodies are made up of energy. In fact, each emotion thought, and perception of experience carries an energetic charge, that without being dispelled can somehow "get stuck" and stored in our body. This energy, if perceived as negative or traumatic and left undealt with, can manifest into illness or possibly disease. It is energy practices such as Reiki therapy that can "unstick" these blockages and lead you back to health.

I have experienced Reiki therapy first hand and can only explain it as gently transformative. During a session, you would lay on a comfortable table in a quiet room with calming music or ambient sounds in the background. You remain clothed, the practitioner may or may not place their hands on you through the entire session. They're working with your energy field, opening up places that are stagnant and though they aren't touching you, you cannot help but feel a shift happen, possibly a old feeling or memory being processed in a new way. The result is incredible, you feel lighter, maybe energized but at peace. I always look forward to coming back for more.

Erin, my sister, and MFT co-founder, used Reiki therapy throughout her cancer treatment process and had an experience that she would explain as pivotal. It was during a session with her Reiki therapist that she felt an energy blockage in her chest that she could only describe as the inability to accept love. This was the first time that she realized that this was a pattern in her life and that it potentially contributed to her disease. It was at that moment, during that shift of energy, that she made the conscious decision to soften her heart and accept more love into her life. That is healing, friends.

So it is with my honor that we welcome Megan on to our team of preferred providers. If you have never tried Reiki therapy or are looking for a Reiki therapist, she comes highly recommended. I look forward to seeing her light facilitate healing our community. Thank you, Megan.


How Reiki Therapy can support you breast cancer treatment, Malas for Tatas
Preferred Provider Megan Connor, Reiki Therapy, Malas for Tatas
Preferred Provider Megan Connor, Reiki Therapy, Malas for Tatas